Monday, September 10, 2007

this blog is ancient history...kaput...owari....c'est finis....finished....a nearly empty are welcome to look among the ruins for spare change and canned food, but if you are really interested in seeing what I am up to, YOU ARE MOST WARMLY INVITED TO:
general insanity (this site goes well with pajamas and your favorite malt beverage) site is a serious online notebook, devoted to the software I am guiding along, the MGK-the multipurpose game making kit. I will be using the MGK at the La Salle Rojak presentation.If you are interested in creating 3D games, artworks or movies, get in touch.... is mainly a collection of machinima movies.
Poke around in the refrigerator and click on Popwars or the music section and see if you recognize anyone.
Amith promised to provide me with musical support, but then his European tour came up...darn that European tour!...
and if you are really interested in something cool, google "Bioneers"
Thanks for your interest...SB