Monday, November 07, 2005

Blacksteps Pte. Ltd .

Blacksteps was established in 2005, initially to promote and distribute the Monja Kids Creative Development Kit as an educational tool to develop and encourage creativity.
In May of 2005, an exclusive distribution license was granted to Elchemi Education (, who also distribute educational software for Microsoft, Adobe and Apple.
Working with Elchemi in Singapore as well as with schools in Japan, Hong Kong and the United States, Blacksteps is establishing the CDK as a tool for developing creativity and creating customized learning experiences (also referred to as serious gaming).
The exciting results of these experiences have led to many new ideas and product possibilities.

In addition to the CDK and digital media projects, Blacksteps also:

-is an authorized agent for the licensing of the Monja Kids characters

-is the exclusive worldwide agent for a virtual project featuring characters created by the artist David Severn

-is involved in all aspects of movie creation, including scriptwriting, direction, art direction and music co-ordination

-is the agent and managerial office for the fine art and editorial photography of Stephen Black

-is the agent for scripts written by Stephen Black, as well as by Stephen Black with various partners.
A Day at the Races, a short film set in Singapore is currently in pre-production.